Several Other Types Of Scaffold

Tube and Coupler Scaffold. For this type, it is a type of scaffolding that consists of pipes. Where the rods are connected to each other using bolts and clamps. One of the advantages possessed by this type of scaffolding is in terms of its shape which can be adjusted and assembled easily and can be adjusted according to needs. However, its use should not be arbitrary. It is important for you to take safety training first so you can avoid the risk of work accidents. You can visit Hire In if you need one.

Of course, there are other types of scaffold, including the following:

Frame Scaffolds
The next type of scaffolding that is often used in the world of work is Frame Scaffolds. The scaffolding is a tool consisting of a frame or iron pipe frame. As with the types of scaffolding previously described, this type is also easy to install or dismantle.

Wood Scaffolding
This type of scaffolding will be more easily damaged due to natural factors or other factors. To keep and care for it to last longer, you can do the following things:

Using the traditional way
The traditional way to treat wood scaffolding is to soak the wood in water first before using it, then dry it.

Using chemical substances
Besides being able to the traditional way, you can also treat it by giving chemicals. The use of these chemicals is useful in order to avoid wood-destroying animals. The chemicals you can use are diesel or engine oil.

Arrange building construction
This is so that wood is not easily accessible to wood destroying animals such as termites or others.

There are various types of scaffolding or scaffolding that are generally used. The four scaffolding, of course, have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although nowadays various types of modern scaffolding have emerged, it is important for you to pay attention to Occupational Health and Safety standards.

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