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Ways To Manage Humidity In A Humidor

A humidor is usually a wooden box designed as a place to store cigars. As we know that cigars are produced in locations with warm and humid climates, so they can withstand a long life. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the box that you will use as a place for storing your cigars. Make sure you choose a box holder with a design that has a good humidity level and you also need to know how to set up a humidor. If you have a special cigar collection, you need to monitor it carefully and adjust the humidity of the humidor.

Keep in mind that the ideal humidity range is around 68 percent to 73 percent for storing and preserving cigars. This is technically room temperature, which is usually around 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. When you buy a humidor, it must be equipped with a humidity gauge in the box. Maintain optimal humidity levels by increasing or decreasing the humidity in the humidor. Meanwhile, to reduce the humidity in the box, you can do it by opening the humidor and leaving it open for about two hours. This allows the humidity inside the humidor to decrease as it escapes from the box, thus reducing humidity.

To speed up the process, leave the humidor open in direct sunlight. Get rid of some of the moisture in the humidor simply by refilling the box less frequently. By regularly refilling the humidor with distilled water, you are keeping it moist. By removing or reducing water, the humidity will decrease. To make it easier for you to regulate the humidity in the box, use humidor beads available at cigar stores. These beads function to regulate humidity. You can do this by soaking the beads in water. Remove excess water and place the beads in the box. These beads will either absorb extra moisture