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Cooking Marijuana Leaves And Smoking Them, Is The Effect The Same?

Broadly speaking, smoking marijuana or cooking marijuana leaves and consuming it has almost the same effect. Only time for the body to produce a different reaction. In low doses, these compounds can reduce pain, reduce aggression, stimulate appetite, and can help reduce nausea. Meanwhile, if marijuana is used in high doses or large amounts it can cause delusions, hallucinations, slurred speech, and highs. Get the best of hemp at CBD Wholesale visit us for your enjoyment or health.

Also, other effects that may occur if you cook marijuana leaves or inhale the combustion smoke, include:

Short term effects
• Feel happy and happy
• Feel relaxed and relaxed
• Feeling time is running slower
• Changed sensory perceptions
• Restless and sleepy
• Body coordination is impaired
• The mouth feels dry and the eyes are red
• Increased appetite
• Heartbeat faster
• Anxiety and paranoia