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When Should You Buy a New Mattress?

With an ideal sleep time of 8 hours per day, in general, humans will spend a third of their life on the Διαβάστε ολόκληρο το άρθρο mattress. Long enough, right? Whether we realize it or not, we spend a lot of time in the bedroom, especially on the mattress. Therefore, the mattress that we use every day certainly affects the smooth running of our daily activities. A quality mattress will also improve the quality of our sleep. The better the quality of sleep each night, the more productive we will be during the day.

That is why it is not wrong to state the mattress as a long-term investment because usually we will use the same mattress for 10 years and of course it will affect our health in the future. Currently, how is the quality of your sleep? Do you often wake up suddenly at night and experience back pain? The problem may not only be in your body but in your bed too. The physical shape of the old mattress may not always be obvious changes, so you are not sure when to replace the mattress. However, there are several factors that you can consider to determine whether it is time for the old mattress to be replaced with a new one, including:

– The mattress is more than 10 years old.
– You often wake up with pain or aching in the waist, back, or shoulders.
– You spent more than 15 minutes finding a comfortable posture on your own bed before you finally managed to sleep.
– You feel that your mattress or other bed is better and feels better, and is able to make you wake up feeling refreshed.

Any of these problems may appear as a sign that you need to buy a new mattress.

The best mattress is not always the most expensive, but maybe not the cheapest either. Remember, it’s likely that the lower price will lower the comfort level of the mattress. You can ask other people’s opinions about a product or see product reviews if you intend to buy it online. There is a large selection of mattress types that can be found in stores today. You can find mattress options based on the material, such as cotton mattresses, spring beds, latex mattresses, and foam mattresses.