These Hats Are Trending Among Urban Men

Various types of hats are now available in various shapes, styles, and materials according to taste. Men can maximize their preppy to hipster appearance with a variety of hat models. Meanwhile, if you want to have a personalized simple hat, we recommend you try to create your own dad hat.

To make urban men look masculine in everyday life, here we provide recommendations for the types of hats that can be bought so that your appearance is more primed:

Dad hat

Why is this hat called a dad hat? If you look at the shape, it is very classic and “old”, but if you combine it with the right clothes, the dad hat will make you look classic and cool! The dad hat is characterized by the inward curving of the hat and is also often confused with a baseball cap. Also, the dad hat is easy to match with various styles of dress. If you like a relaxed style, you can combine your dad hat with your streetwear style. If you want to look casual, you can also wear this neat shirt and dad hat.


Even though it seems classic, the fedora is still a favorite of urban young people, especially men who want to look elegant, classy, and vintage! Fedora has been around since the 1920s and was used by gangsters long ago. However, don’t just choose Fedora, let alone choose the wrong color, because the consequences will be very fatal. Try to choose a fedora with neutral colors that can be combined with any color of clothing, such as brown, dark gray, or black.


If you are tired of wearing hats with the lips pointing forward, you can try using hats that are pointed backward, aka snapbacks! Several types of hats can be used with this snapback method, namely trucker to the baseball cap. So, this snapback trend is very hype among urban young people. The reason is, this snapback hat style can be combined with various kinds of clothes, from sweatshirts to hoodies. Also, wearing a snapback hat will give a relaxed and relaxed impression of your style.

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