These Ways Are Effective To Prevent Thieves From Targeting Your House

Over time the thieves got smarter. But there are still many steps to prevent thieves from breaking into your home that only require an affordable investment of time and funds. Padlocks are one of the most revolutionary home security measures ever invented. After its introduction in 1960, home theft continued to decline. By the 1970s, most homes had latch locks and thefts were decreased even further. If you want to improve your locks, you can call the best lock smith in your area.

Here are 4 ways to prevent thieves from breaking into your house effectively:

1. “Being” at Home

Most thefts that occur during the day occur while your family members are at work or school. When you go out during the day (or night), create the illusion that someone is home. You can turn on the lights, radio, or television with a timer. Alternatively, you can buy a product that will simulate the sound and appearance of activity in your room.

2. Don’t forget to lock the door/window

According to statistics, about 40 percent of the intruders who enter the house come through an open door or window. If you are not home, be sure to lock all doors and windows. And install a lock or latch. You can also make anti-theft doors by installing sturdy frames, and doors from solid wood, fiberglass, or metal.

3. Secure the garage

Close the garage door all the time. If you often forget to close it, install a tool that will close your garage door automatically after it has been open for a certain time. If you are going to be away for an extended period, disable the door opener or latch to prevent thieves from creeping in from under the garage door.

4. Don’t Show Off

The house that looks the most luxurious in your neighborhood will be the main target. Therefore do not like to show off. If you buy a new television or an expensive sound system, don’t leave the packaged box outside. Don’t let your kids leave bikes and other toys lying in the front yard, etc. In other words, don’t advertise that you have high-value items to attract potential intruders.

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