Ways to Teach Children to Read that Parents Need to Know

When your child starts to show interest in books, maybe it’s time for parents to introduce them to the world of reading. Even now, various media are available that can be used as part of how to teach children to read. For starters, it should be noted that learning should be carried out in a fun and free manner. You also need to understand that each child’s ability to absorb learning differs from one another. So that when your child looks slower to understand, it doesn’t mean that they will never be able to read. You can find out more about children learning reading.

Reading is an adventure. So, when you teach children to read, do it both ways, interactive, and without coercion. Here are ways to teach children to read that can be tried, so that children can not only arrange letters into words but also at the same time love this activity.

Invite children to read together
Inviting children to listen to you read stories from an early age can introduce your child to books and literacy. You can also take them to the library or bookstore and choose books that he or she likes. After that, you can read the book together with the child.

Involve the child as you read the story
You can involve the child by asking what will happen in the next story. By involving children in storytelling, over time they will see the relationship between the words you say and the words written in the storybook.

Make reading a fun game
Children usually only focus on a short time. To work around this, you can turn learning into a fun game. For example, when shopping at the supermarket, you invite your child to pick up their favorite food and then you ask them to point to the letters on the package.

Ask about a story from their favorite book
When they have started trying to read their favorite book, try asking your child to retell the characters and stories in the book. This will help children not only be able to read, but also understand what they are reading.

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