What Are The Effects Of CBD

Many of these studies have used synthetic forms of cannabinoid and CBD (eg Sativex, Epidolex, Marinol, Cesamet) rather than natural hemp-derived https://www.natreleaf.com/cbd-oil/. Since it is a synthetic drug and structurally different from CBD, the results cannot always be considered equivalent. The pain-relieving effect of CBD appears to be related to the anti-inflammatory as well as anti-rheumatic properties of CBD. And is also likely due to an effect on the immune response – the inflammatory response is a major contributor to pain and is part of the immune response. CBD has been most frequently studied for its effects in treating pain in cancer patients. Again, this research is still in its infancy and is still complicated by political, legal, and ideological problems.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may be important for its pain-relieving effects. As an anti-inflammatory agent, it appears to function via CB2 receptors – but also through other receptors involved in inflammation, reducing the production of inflammatory cytokines (substances that signal the immune system to increase the inflammatory response). The antispasmodic effect is seen in the effectiveness of CBD in treating several types of epilepsy, especially pediatric epilepsy and disorders such as Dravet syndrome (and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).

CBD oil has been widely used to treat sleep problems and insomnia. While anecdotal evidence for CBD as a sleep aid, there are relatively few scientific reports – each benefit of sleep is often reported almost as an afterthought. Drowsiness is often seen as a “bad effect” of CBD rather than a therapeutic effect, although it appears that interest in CBD as a sleep aid is increasing. CBD appears to hold the greatest promise in helping those with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep disorders, although other sleep disorders such as insomnia appear to be beneficial with most studies reporting improved sleep quality, falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and less sleep disturbance.

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